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In print and on the web, Logistics Manager is one of the most trusted and influential trade publications for the transport and logistics industry. In 1997, LM established its position as Thailand’s leading local-language source for global news updates, sailing schedules and in-depth features.

Today, LM is well known not only in Thailand but around the world for its Southeast Asia-centric approach and unique on-the-ground coverage. From Myanmar’s rapid development, to Thailand’s increasingly sophisticated economy, to the ASEAN Economic Community, Southeast Asia is poised to become a global economic power. The future of logistics is here.

It’s simply good business to stay updated on Southeast Asia’s latest logistics news. And with its Bangkok-based team, LM is located at the heart of Southeast Asia’s booming logistics market, offering valuable local perspectives that no other publication can. Wherever you’re based, you can easily access LM’s exclusive content at logistics-manager.com.

LM is located at the heart of Southeast Asia’s booming logistics market

Available in both English and Thai, and on paper, desktop, tablet and mobile, LM offers an innovative integrated approach that ensures your message will make the biggest impact on the right audience – the pioneers, leaders and decision makers who shape the industry.


Since 1997, TLS Media has made a name for itself as the logistics industry’s leading content creation agency. As a pioneer in this niche, TLS has the experience, in-depth industry knowledge, and creative vision that are needed to propel your marketing strategies to success. After decades of building up expertise in both logistics and content creation, TLS brings together the best of both worlds.

As one of the first companies to introduce content marketing specifically designed for the logistics industry, TLS is well-positioned at the forefront of the latest trends in marketing. Whether you need elegantly written press releases and editorials, striking and topical corporate videos, impactful display ads for print and web, or a wide variety of other marketing collateral, including brochures and websites, TLS can offer unsurpassed professionalism and expertise in the planning and design of your marketing approach.

Publisher of two prominent logistics trade publications, Logistics Manager and Airfreight Logistics, TLS also provides access to multiple targeted and well-developed distribution channels. Whether by print or web, LM and AFL’s readership includes some of the industry’s top executives and decision-makers. TLS can offer the complete package of content creation and distribution.

A complete list of TLS Media services can be found here.

LM is the leading source of logistics and cargo news within ASEAN and is regarded as one of the most authoritative sources of information. Our subscribers keep up to date with the latest logistics news, views, features and events within ASEAN and beyond.

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